I was recently tagged in a fun video by Cara Lanelle, discussing some fails we have had as moms. There can be so much judgement when it comes to parenting, that I thought this tag Cara created was a fun breath of fresh air! You can watch the video above, or if you can’t view the video now (be sure to check it out later, though, because it’s so much more fun to watch it!), you can read five of my mommy fails below! Also, as I’ve said in my video, this is a no judgement zone!

Now, on to the list!

I Let Urine Get All Over Eli.

Eli had to be between four and six months - maybe even between four and nine months. Anyway, I’ve always prided myself in not getting peed on (because boy moms know that when you go to change your son’s diaper, you’re like “let me hurry up and change this before I get a waterfall to the face!”). So at this particular time I am changing his diaper and all of a sudden, all of this pee starts coming toward my face! At first it was more of a trickle, so I thought, “Oh, he’s just finished.” Then this tsunami starts coming toward my face and instantly I put my hands up in front of me to block the flow, which means all of the pee is just splattering back in poor Eli’s face! And you would think that I would be concerned that urine is splattering back in his face. Nope. At that moment, I was totally just letting my poor son get wet, and Toby and I were just laughing and thinking we are the worst parents ever (I know this sounds SO bad! But watch the video and it doesn’t sound so terrible! Ha!).

Poop Explosion in the Church Parking Lot

At this particular time, Eli is about six or seven months old, and we are sitting in the church parking lot when all of a sudden I hear something and I smell something. Mind you, we are already late and since Eli has been born, we’ve been on time for church maybe twice. Anyway, I know by the sound and the smell whether or not Eli has had a blowout/ poop explosion. So I am sitting there like, “Oh no. Oh no. Ohhhhh no!” because I just knew it was a blowout. Sure enough, it was! It was all up his back, down his leg, and a little in the car seat. Now let me just say that I am terrible at making secure diapers, but Toby is really good at it. Usually if there’s a blowout (we don’t have them anymore thankfully since Eli eats solids), it’s because I changed that diaper. Of course, this is the time where I changed Eli last. It was pretty cold, and we weren’t sure if we should try to make a dash into the church and change him or if we should change him in the car. We decided to change him in the car, and strip him naked, while people were walking past our car to get into the church. People are waving and I’m just like “Good morning. Praise the Lord! Yeah, we had a blowout…Mom life!” It was so embarrassing, but I was just thankful we had a change of clothes, diapers, and wipes. Which brings me to my next fail…

Forgetting Diapers, Wipes, and/or a Change of Clothes

We have totally been out a few times and I have forgotten one or all of these! And it would usually be when Eli would have a blowout.

Catching Eli in the Doggy Bowl

My mother-in-law has a toy poodle, and for the past three months, he has been interested in the dog’s food and water bowls. I always forget to put them up, so there have been a few times where I’ve caught Eli scooping his hand from the water bowl to his mouth. I don’t think he’s eaten the dog food, but he has definitely had some doggy water! Ew.

The Time Eli Fell

If you follow me on Instagram, then you remember when Eli fell last September and fractured his little wrist. You’ll also remember what a mess I was and how it was really hard for me to get over. Now, before you call CPS on me, here’s what happened: we were at a friend’s house and Eli was moving too fast and fell. I was standing within arm’s reach of him, but just couldn’t get to him in time to stop the fall. This was one of the worst days of my life, as who wants to see their baby in pain? He had to wear a cast for two weeks and was up and running like nothing ever happened!

So those are my fails! If you get a chance to watch the video, please don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! Also, I’d love to hear some of yours! Remember this is a no judgement zone, so let’s all remember to be nice!