Two blog posts in one week?! Say whaaaa? Haha. I just wanted to hop on the blog real quick to share that I’VE STARTED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! And I am pretty excited and nervous about it! (Fun fact: I used to have a YouTube channel from 2012-2013, documenting my transition to natural hair. Those videos are still up... but don’t go looking for them!)

I’ve shared the video below so that you can watch my very first video, but I also wanted to reiterate my heart for starting this channel. When I decided to be a stay-at-home-mom once Eli came, I knew that it was pretty much impossible without me bringing in an income to support my husband’s. Through multiple blessings, God allowed me to be able to stay at home without me bringing in money until I launched my business last August. It truly breaks my heart to see so many mamas, who want to stay home with their babies, have to go back to work just weeks after delivery (I could seriously rant on how America needs to majorly improve on this ridiculousness, but I digress)! And let me make this clear: I see nothing wrong with moms who want to work outside of their home. But I just desire to see moms who want to be home with their kids be able to do that!

Two things that encouraged me last year was Erin Odom’s book You Can Stay Home With Your Kids and Hayley’s YouTube channel. In the book Erin explains all the ways you can make it work such as living on less, making sacrifices, and working from home. Hayley also had similar tips on her channel, as well as document how she and her husband are making money so that they can both stay home with their kids. Turns out working from home is just what my family needed so that I can stay at home with Eli and work from home. I know this option isn’t for everyone, but I want to give insight, tips and encouragement for those it is for.

So that’s what my channel is about: encouraging wannabe and current work at home moms. I’ll be sharing it all as I navigate this new journey. If that’s something you’re interested in - whether you’re a mama or not, whether you work from home or not - check out my video! And please be sweet and like, comment and subscribe to help me feel less awkward about putting myself out here in these YouTube streets!

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