My Picks: Podcasts on Motherhood + Faith

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Being a busy mama, I’ve really come to love listening to podcasts since early last year. It’s a great way for me to get out of my own thoughts, learn something new, as well as not be nose deep into my phone. I love that I can multitask - wash dishes, make breakfast, play with Eli - and still get some great tips on faith and how I can apply it to motherhood.

I probably listen to podcasts about once or twice a week, and with my schedule right now, that’ll do! Obviously, that means I don’t listen to all of these podcasts each week, but these are my go-to’s and I just pick the one or two that grabs my attention the most! Here are my favs:


I love Journeywomen with Hunter Beless! I’ve been listening to her podcast since early last year, and her episodes never disappoint with interviews with people like Jen Wilkin, Jackie Hill Perry, and Val Woerner. Hunter is a military wife and mama to almost three children (one is on the way), and I just love her heart, wisdom, and practical tips for living for the Lord. Although the podcast is on a hiatus due to Hunter’s maternity leave, the archives will definitely hold you over!

Favorite episode: Episode 35 - What to Do with Unmet Expectations with Maggie Combs

Y’all. This. Quote. Right. Here. “It’s easy when you have an unmet desire like this to feel like God is withholding from you. But God cannot withhold the best from us, because He already gave the best to us in Jesus. All of the promises are ‘yes’ to those who believe. All of the promises, even if you’re hurting, even if you don’t have a husband, even if you don’t have children, God is giving you everything you need for the life He has called you to and He has given you everything you need to meet the desire of your heart and that is in the Person of Jesus. We can have a joyful and fulfilling life simply because we have Jesus.” 

Coffee + Crumbs

Even though I’ve only listened to two or three episodes of Coffee + Crumbs, I love subscribing to this podcast! I feel like the ladies just “get it” and like I am sitting in a living room full of mamas while I’m saying “mhmmm, I feel you” to everything, ha!

Favorite episode: This is How We Do: Birthdays

Risen Motherhood

Risen Motherhood was the first podcast on motherhood and faith that I subscribed to, and it’s opened me up to a whole new world! I don’t know who first suggested this podcast to me, but boy, am I glad they did! These sisters-in-law provide such a wealth of knowledge, truth and encouragement in their shows and on their sites (especially the resource on the Abide Bible Study Method). Seriously, check out their “Equipping” tab on their site.

Favorite episode: Ep. 117 - “Mommy, Can I Watch a Show?”: Screen Time & the Gospel

The Purpose Show

The Purpose Show with Allie Casazza just speaks my love language of faith, motherhood, and minimalism all in one! Allie provides so many practical tips on decluttering, productivity and how to make my life better as a mama, and I am so grateful for her!

Favorite episode: Episode 006 - How My Blog Got My Husband Out of His 9 to 5

Each of these podcasts have helped me to grow in my faith and motherhood in some form or fashion, and I believe they will help you, too! Do you have a favorite podcast? I would love to add more to my list to listen to, so please share ‘em below (and it doesn’t have to be on faith and/or motherhood)!