Best Six: No. 2 (+ Eli’s Smash Cake Photo Shoot)

Y’all. It’s Eli’s birthday week. I have so been in my feelings all week because the thought of my baby boy being a year old just blows my mind. He just got here! Anyways, while I continue to try to process  what will be happening in two days, here are my best six this week:

1. Eli’s smash cake photo shoot. So I totally forgot that I wanted to get Eli’s pictures taken for his birthday and didn’t realize how close I was pushing it. When I finally decided that we would have them done this past weekend, the forecast said it was supposed to thunderstorm all weekend and this week. While it definitely stormed Saturday morning, Sunday was sunny and beautiful. Thank you, Jesus! I baked Eli and cake and we took him to a cute little park near our friends’ house for a quick Where the Wild Things Are inspired photo shoot. Y’all. It was the cutest thing. I can’t help but share some sweet pictures with y’all. Since this was so last minute, we just whipped out our iPhones and did the best we could! Enjoy the pictures!

2. The Daily Grace Company had a sale. Y’all, God is so thoughtful (duh). Just last week I found these prayer cards to pray over your children (I want to get better at praying for Eli). So I made a mental note to buy these later. A few days later, I found that they were on sale for five dollars! That meant I could get this one and the one for praying for your husband for less than the price of the one set of prayer cards.

3. We had a staycation (kind of). Our friends asked us to house and dog sit for them this weekend as they travelled out of state to see family. We used that time to get a little change of scenery and treat it a bit like a staycation! It also helped that my sweet friend left us a cute basket with linens, a printout with the WiFi code and other important information, and toiletries. Another plus: they have the comfiest king size bed ever (we have a queen, but I am now convinced that we NEED a king)!

4. Eli is officially toddlin’! Remember how I said Eli was taking steps, but was not confident enough to let go of my hand and walk on his own? Well, that isn’t the case anymore, friends! Homeboy is toddlin’ and wobbling away and it is the cutest and most nerve-wracking thing ever!

5. The 10x10 challenge. It starts tomorrow and I am too excited! I will be picking my ten items sometime today and will be posting them on my Instagram stories. That’s also where I will update y’all on my outfit each day.

6. Mother Squad made the announcement. Mother Squad announced the launch of their new $10 Pay-As-You-Go sessions! I’m so excited for this! Remember how I said I miss my sessions and group, but couldn’t swing it because I had to use our budget for Eli’s birthday? Well, now I can still get that support and drop in when I need to! All the “amens” right here, mamas!

I have such a busy weekend ahead of me, and I'm excited and just praying all goes well! Will you please join me in prayer for a wonderful birthday weekend for my sweet Elijah? Thanks, and enjoy your weekend!

Best Six: No. 1

Happy Thursday! I originally wanted to do a post like Emily Ley and list my top ten favorite things from this week, but a) I didn’t want to wait til Friday to post and b) ten things is a lot for this mama who can barely remember what happened yesterday, ha! And so, I present to you the best six things from the week. I chose six simply because I couldn’t narrow the list down to five, haha! 

1. Journeywomen Kids Spotify playlist. I love the Journeywomen podcast (if you’re a woman seriously go give it a listen!) and their resources, and this playlist did not disappoint. Even though Eli is just a baby and can’t understand much, I want to start planting the seeds of the Gospel into his little heart as early as I can. Some of those are also helping this mama memorize Scripture, too! Amen!

2. Preparing for Eli’s first birthday party. I can’t believe my precious little baby is entering into toddlerhood! His birthday and birthday party are on next Saturday and while I feel like my heard is swirling with all of the to-dos, I am seriously so excited to celebrate my sweet boy!

3. Toby’s birthday. Speaking of birthdays, it was Toby’s birthday on the 16th. We celebrated a day early with a surprise homemade dinner with my in-laws.

4. This toy. This was supposed to be a gift for Eli’s birthday and to be opened the day of, but he had a day where he seemed uninterested in all of his toys. So Mama whipped this out and Eli’s in love!

5. The 10x10 challenge. Hosted by Caroline and Lee, this challenge let’s you explore minimalism by only choosing ten items from your closet and creating new outfits each day for ten days. The challenge officially kicks off on July 27th and I can’t wait! It’ll be my first time, so I’m excited to see how creative I can get. 

6. Pampers Rewards. Even though we mainly cloth diaper at home, I still use disposable diapers when out and about. We mainly use Pampers, and I’ve been making sure to save and collect the reward codes from each bag or box. I just redeemed my points to get a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book and I am so freaking excited to drop some of Eli’s pictures in there to keep forever!

What are your plans for this weekend? Mine will consist of getting ready for all things party, so I’ll let like be hitting up some stores. Have a great weekend!