wordoftheyear (3).png

If you’ve stuck around here long enough, you know I choose a word for each new year. This year will be my fifth since I’ve picked my very first word for 2015, and I’m pretty excited about it! While my word isn’t exactly my favorite word, and it isn’t as “sexy” (can a word be sexy?) as some of the top New Year resolution-type goals, I think it fits my goals and how I want my 2019 to be pretty well. 


Yup, that’s my word for the next 365 days.  Of course, I’m holding this with an open hand and heart, as I can always be led to a completely different word later. But for now, this works and reflects my goals.

So, why “well?” Honestly, after a rough 2018, I need to work on getting well in all areas of my life - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, all the “-allys” you can think of. As I’ve said in my last post, I’ve spent just about all of 2018 surviving. Seriously, outside of starting a new business, I did just the bare minimum to get me through most days. And for that reason, all areas of my life suffered. But now, I feel like I’m finally in a place where I am ready to walk the road to health and wellness. And that makes me pretty darn excited!

My next post will be my 2019 goals, some of which I have already started on because as Lara Casey says, “there is nothing magical about January 1st.”