The world says "be busy, busy, busy!" The world tells us to be flawless. Let's do the opposite of this world and our culture. Let's slow down. Let's savor, celebrate, cultivate and nurture our relationships. Let's be vulnerable. Let's spend less time plugged into our phones. Let's be less attached to materials. Let's chase pretty. - and not that fake pretty, but that messy and raw pretty.  Let's stop and smell the roses... and then whip them into a cute bouquet tied in a darling ribbon! Let's want people we can do life with more than we want social media followers.

 No more glorification of busy. No more obsession with materialism and perfectionism. But more grace. And stillness. And simplicity. 

 I'm a wife of almost two years to the love of my life, Tobias (he'd prefer you call him Toby!). My heart sings when I'm thinking about cozy home decor, chunky babies, anything pumpkin spice scented, soft blankets, writing, having friends over for dinner, and pretty handwriting. I'm a girly, southern lady (by way of New Jersey!) in love with food, writing, love, my wonderful husband, and first and foremost Jesus Christ. I don't always love Him the way I should, but day by day He is doing a mighty work in my heart to make it look more like His. I pray that as you visit my little space, whether it be for five minutes or you stalk this blog daily, you see Jesus in my life.

Want to know more about how my husband and I met, fell in love and got married? Click here!

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