Day 17 - It Is Well

October 17, 2016
Y'all. How did I forget to write yesterday?!  I didn't even realize it until this morning. After church yesterday, I was exhausted! It was my turn to help in the children's ministry, and my class is the kindergarteners, so you can believe I took two full naps as soon as I got home. It seemed like I just couldn't get myself to fully wake up, so I had a nice little dinner and fell back asleep around 9 p.m.

But, we shall just keep truckin' along! 

Tonight I want to switch it up and share a song that has pretty much gotten me through seasons of life since I've discovered it last year. When I was experiencing the miscarriage last year, there were some days where all I could do was play this song (and the original It Is Well with My Soul hymn) in my head over and over. I pray this song encourages you to remember that despite where you are, in a good season, in a seemingly bad season, in a season you just can't define, when you cling to Christ, the Prince of Peace, it is well.

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